Infant incubator BB 100


Infant incubator BB 100

Infant incubator BB 100 is one of the best baby incubators in Egypt as it is designed by excellent raw material and advanced electronic board

Infant incubator

infant incubator BB 100 Luxurious characterized by updated design  with excellent raw material and electronic boards as body of the incubator made of Aluminum alloy against rust which ensure high performance and long life span and durability .

Baby incubator

Baby incubator BB 100 Luxurious ensure providing excellent environment for the preterm infant and neonate  for making them stable for long time weeks and may be months by using excellent an wonderful raw material and advanced electronic components .

Infant incubator features

1- The Body of incubator made from Aluminum with  alloy to make it resistant against rust  .

2- Advanced service mount control unit to ensure full control of temperature for more and more safety .

3- Alarm system has five alarms to detect any problem very early

Power failure , Over temperature , temperature deviation , sensor failure , fan failure .

4- Control unit has LED display  function to display data with excellent resolution for doctors  and nurses

5- Over 37 c function

6- Humidity adjusted continuously

7- bacterial filter to ensure sterile media for babies

8- four drawers , IV set

9- CE certified

10- Calibration certificate by faculty of engineer Cairo university

All This features make Infant incubator BB 100 Luxurious is the best in infant incubator in Egypt with excellent quality and excellent price .



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