Intensive care unit


Medical equipment for intensive care units

Our company give high priority to supply Intensive care units with the best medical equipment and this priority for all medical equipment companies in Egypt due to importance of these units for Egyptian society and critical cases ,Also our party perform visible study for building intensive care unit and Economical benefit of the project.

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The ventilator is one of the most important units of the central care unit, which represents the saving of the patient’s life to the ability of the device to provide the patient’s need of oxygen if he is unable to breathe and the company to provide ventilator with the best quality and the best prices

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Automated External Defibrillator

Cardiac shock device has a great role in saving the life of a patient care center and heart patients, where it directs an electric shock to the heart to treat the time of emergency and also the device of heart trauma has a presence in the workplace as it works as a shock shock automatic in the absence of doctors … Provide the best quality and modern technology to avoid the damage of electric shock to the patient

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Patient Bed

Medical furniture for the hospitals has the priority of the company because of the importance of the patient bed during his stay in the treatment room in the center and provide full comfort to the patient, which helps the success of the treatment period

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Syringe Pump

Syringe solutions play a vital role in the delivery of medicines to patients of central care very accurately, where doctors set the syringe of electrical solutions to pump the patient to the patient quantity limited at the hour, which helps significantly on the effectiveness of the therapeutic program for you, the company to provide the syringe solutions electronic high quality electronic processor to achieve the highest degrees Safety and accuracy

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Infection control

The company provides technical support necessary for the fight against infection within the units of care in the center in terms of types of floors and walls and sterilization basins and procedures for the fight against infection within the center of care

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Emergency trolley

Emergency trolley  is synonymous with emergency drugs. It is located in central care units, where it contains medicines and special medical supplies for emergency cases. It also enables the development of a cardio-shock device for use in cardiopulmonary resuscitation if needed.

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Infusion pump

Infusion  pump pumps the solutions to the patient from the bottles of solutions, but after adjusting them accurately to connect a certain number of centimeters per hour and is equipped with a high quality electronic processor to achieve the highest degree of accuracy during the pump solution
Liquid suction apparatus
It is used to suction fluids for patients in operating rooms and central care where it helps doctors to get rid of any liquids that may harm the patient

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Patient Monitor

Monitor the patient of the important organs in the units of care center where the work of the monitor to monitor the vital signs of the patient during the period of the presence of the patient alone care center, the most important of these signs curves of the ECG and oxygen saturation blood pressure and blood pressure the number of breathing and the number of heartbeat, which gives doctors the condition of the patient and the effectiveness of treatment and improvement His medical condition for you gives the company the most important importance to monitor the patient’s importance in monitoring the medical situation

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