Infant incubator BB 300


Infant incubator BB 300

Advanced infant incubator supported with advanced functions to be suitable for high critical preterm infant with high and advanced baby care


Infant incubator BB 300 advanced  

-Advanced  infant incubator available  with Advanced functions

-manufactured By Dison instrument and meters co., ltd china

-Incubator body made by Aluminium covered by magnesium alloy against rust

-Double wall hood

-One air sensor, 2 skin sensor

-Temperature servo control system

-humidity digital control

-Electronic high sensitive balance

– x-ray cassette tray

-bacterial filter for filtration if air inside baby chamber

-oxygen inlet to provide oxygen therapy for therapy for the baby

-Five alarm for safety if patient

-Alarm for power failure – alarm for temperature deviation- alarm for temperature deviation – alarm for fan failure –alarm for temperature sensor failure

-additional temperature cut off for more and more safety

-Iv set, monitor holder 4 drawer

-CE certified

– Approved by calibration department  faculty of engineer Cairo university



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