ECG machine MB 1206


ECG machine MB 1206

ECG machine MB1206 is an advanced machine for electrocardiograph providing excellent testing for heart and excellent diagnosis and clinical interpretation

MDST00031 ,

ECG machine

excellent ECG machine and it is considered the best in the Egyptian market as it is characterized by digital technology and support doctor with interpretation and calculation parameter .


6 channels ECG machine

Our machine able to print 1 channel , 3 channels , and 6 channels to satisfy physicians of different specialty .


Blue LCD screen

ECG machine MB has excellent blue LCD 5.7 inch to view 12 leads simultaneously for estimation of the case before printing

Memory and PC connection 

ECG machine MB can be connected to PC and has great memory to transfer data to PC .

Modes : 

special modes for arrhythmia  patient  , Manual mode , Automatic mode , Interpretation 1 mode , Interpretation 2 mode , Pulse trend mode .

Pace maker detection 

ECG machine MB 1206 can detect pace maker if patient use it



Lithium battery 

Our ECG machine has great lithium battery with long lifespan


Manufacturer : M&B electronic and instrument co.,ltd 


Origin : Beijing , China 


CE certified 



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